‘Sweet Cadence’

2009, AQHA Appendix gelding, 16hh

I (Devanee) raised Cadence from a foal and he’s my  #1 horse.  Now, before you think I’m calloused for selling my personal horses you should consider the kind of people I sell my horses to.  I sell my personal horses every few years and I’ve never regretted it.  You might remember that I sold my ‘Super Cooper’, and that was so I could spend more time with Cadence.  So I always have horses coming up and still enjoy developing new partners.

Cadence is amazing.  It would probably be easier to list what he doesn’t do.  He is the best horse I have ever had for travelling to clinics.  He has the personality for it, arriving at every new venue, with his positive, ‘let’s get the party started’ attitude.  I do everything with Cadence.  He’s my guy for demonstrations in my highest level clinics, keeping us proficient and safe on branding day,  switching over to do some cross country jumping (where I had many interested buyers, ironically).  He can do a pretty nice dressage test, and then pretty much do the same bridleless.  Cadence has a fantastic play drive that comes out on the ground in his rather spectacular online and liberty.  Yet, when I step on his back he is obedient and connected and is a great partner for helping start colts, or negotiating many a mountain obstacle (the real kind).

I know that guys can be both nice and good looking, (like my husband Buddy!).  Cadence is definitely in this category too. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel adored by Cadence.  He really likes being with me, even when he has to work hard sometimes, he comes up the next morning with the same, ‘I’m your man’ look on his face.  If you REALLY want a special and talented dream horse.  This could be it.

$30,000  USD