A two week Ultimate Horsemanship Experience….

Cardinal Ranch Camp : Principles to Purpose

We are excited to offer a longer stay at Cardinal Ranch which includes the best we have to offer.


Here’s the set up:

PRINCIPLES…You’ll get your clinic fix in the mornings with horsemanship support to keep progressing through the Parelli Levels. This is a multilevel approach, and includes all 4 savvies through Level 4.

This includes

Online with quality and lightness

Liberty connection that goes beyond the round pen,

Freestyle that builds emotional fitness and communication in the saddle

Finesse with healthy contact for beautiful precision riding.

( We have the indoor arena, outdoor arena, round pen, obstacles course, and pond to play in)




PURPOSE As Buddy says, ‘Purpose is the opposite of Pointless’, He believes that both horses and humans do better when they can get out and do something, and fortunately Cardinal Ranch offers just that! Trails on Cardinal Ranch introduce natural obstacles that help improve confidence and versatility. We also play with exercises that improve your connection outside the area and reduce herd boundness.

Playing with COWS…. ‘slow and right beats fast and wrong’ definitely applies to playing with cattle on the ranch. Learn how we actually use psychology to work with cattle just like we do in our horsemanship. Whether you’re most comfortable in English or Western tack, you’ll have fun just the same.

Keep in mind that we’ll work together with you so that this addition of purpose will be appropriate, safe and FUN for the level of you and your horse, You will have options on what to participate in and to what extent.




July 10-19,  July 24-Aug 2, or Aug 21-30

Principles to Purpose Cardinal Ranch Camp (Parelli Natural Horsemanship in the mornings), Cardinal Ranch, BC

September TBA Principle to Purpose Cardinal Ranch Camp (Parelli Natural Horsemanship in the mornings), Cardinal Ranch, BC


PARELLI GAMES are a fun way to see what you and your horse can do together. Challenges are divided by Savvy, and you can choose your level of play.

Date TBA Parelli Games, Cardinal Ranch, BC


COW OLYMICS Only at Cardinal Ranch is playing with cows an Olympic event. We have a saying here at the ranch…’if you’re not cheat’in you’re not try’in’, and this certainly comes up when we put cattle through an obstacle course in a timed event. Most can’t believe what they can accomplish with what they have recently learned. It usually the highlight of the event.

Date TBA Cow Olympics, Cardinal Ranch, BC