2014, 15.2hh, Registered Paint Gelding

First of all, he earned his name. When we bought Chance he was unstarted and we noticed he was quite toed in on the front legs. It’s usually our policy not to have any possible confirmation issues with the horses we put in our program. We hauled him all the way out to Alberta to rehome him and at the end of our 8 hr trip, I decided I couldn’t part with him. So I took a ‘Chance’ and brought him home again. ( Buddy has the patience of a saint.) I just decided he was too nice and I was right!. His temperament is exceptional, He has beautiful flowing gaits. and he’s gorgeous to top it off. Loves trails, loves cattle, love his student. Love, love, love! He’s toed in and this will need to be discussed with your vet during the pre purchase exam. We have no reason to believe that he won’t lead a long and productive recreational life.

$8,500 CND ($500 clinic credit)