Cysco, 2015, 14.2hh, AQHA gelding   

 I do love a horse with a good story, and Cysco, or Pal as he is often called, has a beautiful one.  A dear friend picked him out of an auction pen of babies that had been purchased by a meat buyer.  So we have raised him and put him in or development program.   He has turned out to be pretty fancy for those humble beginnings.  Pal is mostly an introvert, and bonds well with a kind, consistent leader.  For such a pretty guy he is low drama, and likes to keep a low profile.  On the training front we would say he has a lot of ‘feel’, as he tries to be right.  He has cute, balanced gaits that will be fun to develop even further..  He’s a content type, who is good out on his own, or with the others,  In our program he’s developed a partnership both on the ground and in the saddle,  using the 4 savvies of the Parelli Program, as well as obstacles, and ranch riding, and playing on cattle for all around confidence building.   

$12,500 ($500 instruction credit)