Magpie, 2015, 15hh, Registered Paint Mare

Magpie is perfectly named, both for her color and her confident, curious nature.  She’s SUPER sweet, and Diquita couldn’t believe her good fortune when this was the colt she drew for a 30 Day Colt start Challenge in 2018. If you would like video clips of this competition they are available upon request. Magpie was a very easy start and they were able to able to show off their partnership in the competition and won.  The bridleless riding was a real highlight.  Diquita was happy that we found a way to buy Magpie at the sale so she could bring her home.  

To say they have a beautiful relationship would be an understatement.  Magpie is very trusting and willing, and Diquita has put her in some pretty intense working situations and they make it look so easy!  She’s wonderful on trails, with cattle, and is going to be that special horse for someone that they will tell their grandkids about.   

SOLD, heading to Utah