2012, 15hh, Registered AQHA mare

My mother use to say, ‘pretty is as pretty does’. This mares has that inside and out quality. Her name means ‘butterfly’, partly because of her beauty but also because of her sweet gentle nature. Her experience as a ranch horse has equipped her to be confident with whatever we have asked. She’s great to haul out and unload and go, whether it be for a work day on calves, or just trails. She’s also good on her own or in a group. Both her nature and training have given her the reputation as a ‘confidence builder’. She is both forgiving and easy going. We have never seen her display even a hint of ‘mare-ish’ behavior. And with all of these compliments about her personality, let’s not forget that her top quality bloodlines shine through in her confirmation and soundness. I asked Buddy if I could raise a foal with her, because who wouldn’t want to pass on her amazing traits. He gave a real compliment by saying he would miss her too much. Buddy is riding her while teaching Ranch School, and to local brandings. She is also progressing through the Parelli levels. She’s going to give someone, or even a whole family, an amazing partner

$20,000 CND ($1500 Principles to Purpose Camp included)