Ranch Schools

Ranch Schools

Ranch Schools:

What do we do? Stockmanship (the techniques and psychology of working with cattle), Ranch Roping, & Horsemanship    


  • Introductory and Intermediate Levels taught by Buddy Cardinal
  • Intermediate all the way up to live working situations taught by Martin Black.


Ranch School 1 & 2 : Get Started and Progress….

It’s all about Safety, FUN, & Learning

Buddy is passionate about adding purpose to the principles of horsemanship, but compromising these principles is not an option for him either. Ranch school is the perfect combination of cows, ropes and ranch work that improves your partnership with your horse. Taking care of the confidence of both the human and the horse is of utmost importance. Buddy sets an uncompromising example in his own horsemanship and his teaching style.

Buddy believes that adding purpose has a way of accelerating progress for both the horse and the human. He loves to show how opening a gate has the same ingredients as lead changes. So although this experience will help you get ‘handy’ it’s benefits are far reaching.

Note: Many students are planning to take the ranch roping to the next level, but if you are not that interested in roping aspects not to worry, he roping exercises can be applied just for building confidence in your horse.

Because Buddy is himself a student of Martin Black, and his Ranch Schools make a perfect pre requisite to riding with Martin. We’ve seen students work their way up to riding with Martin and get a lot out of their time with him because of Buddy’s Ranch School prep.


none, just need your riding horse (can be english or western)


 Ranch School topics are all included in our Prinicples to Purpose Ranch Camps.  Please see the Camps section of this website for more details.


Martin BLACK Ranch School

This is where it all starts to come together.

Martin’s time at Cardinal Ranch focuses on transitioning students into live working environment, or exposing them to a higher level of proficiency. We have opportunity to process calves during one of the clinic days so instruction is very focused on preparation for this working situation.

Prerequisite: Familiar with Martin’s book, ‘Cow Horse Confidence’

Some working knowledge of roping and stockmanship using Martin’s approach. A well broke horse.

                                                                Using up Clinic Credits!

These hosts, Barb Clark for Washington State, and Karin Sundquist for Alberta are shown here at Cardinal Ranch doing a Ranch School with Buddy….for free

(maybe that’s what the smiles are about)