Reina (SOLD)

Reina (SOLD)


15.1, 2012, Ranch Bred QH mare

Reina is 6th generation ranch horse in my family (Devanee),  A few years ago we decided that it made more sense, both ethically, and economically, to buy horses for our program rather than raise them.   Horses like Reina make me wonder about that decision.  It’s hard to beat our own line of horses when it comes to temperament, versatility, and soundness.  But I am VERY biased.

Reina is something special.  She has the positive attributes that mares are known for because she is tuned in and loyal,  but not the negative ones such as moody or snarky.  She has the all around foundation our horses are known for. Developed in 4 savvies of the Parelli program.  She loves to be right in there working cattle, and is dependable on trails.   If you like a good mare, I think you’re going to LOVE Reina.

$10,500 ($500 clinic credit)

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