15hh, 2013, QH gelding (unregistered)

This gelding is ‘break your heart’ cute, as Diquita says. Out of all the horses in the Colt Start, Buddy and Diquita both tried to claim Setter as their own. You can see by who is in the photos who won! Setter is SUPER sweet. He is kind and calm and very bonding. He’s an introvert and is pretty unassuming,however by the end of the day he’s the talk of the town. Setter is well bred and out of registered stock, however, like a few of the horses we pick up that already have some age on them, his papers have alluded us. Like all of our horses he has the Parelli Foundation, ranch riding that includes obstacles, and cattle. Mostly he’s been Diquita’s best buddy. Even if you never want to rope, that he is able to get in the herd and drag out the calves is a very good sign. It really shows how much he wants to be a partner. Video available upon request.

$15,500 ($500 clinic credit)