2014 AQHA, gelding

First the story….we don’t often buy horses that already have a good foundation,so this is how it came about. We were visiting a ranch where we were doing lots of gathering, sorting and branding, One of our students, Jo, was along without a horse, and this was the horse our friends generously lent him for the week. It gave our student the opportunity to learn lots of the roping. By the end of the week Jo was doing well heading and heeling calves for the first time. It was obvious how well they were doing together and this swayed our friends to offer him to us. So home he came for Jo to continue on for the summer. We are going to continue to grow his partnership with humans with more development in the Parelli Program, lots of play on obstacles, a liberty connection, and of finesse with healthy contact. He is available around end of August. If you want to come to our Principles to Purpose camp and use it as a ‘get to know’ time, that would work well.

$15,500 cnd