2015, 14.3hh, QH Mare

I love that you can find a gem like this at a horse rescue.  (it’s actually one of our reasons for not breeding anymore) Zena was bred for performance, but the story goes that the breeder would sometimes dump the fillies at the auction rather than train them in a market that was much stronger for geldings.  Even though she is from registered parents, Zena does not come with registration papers as they did not follow her to the auction.   Brenda at Dare to Dream Horse Rescue specializes in rescuing mares and raised Zena from a weanling. They do excellent handling and care with a preference for natural horsemanship to build the bond with humans from the start.  Zena excelled in our Horse Development Program.  A sensitive and willing mare that bonded quickly to her partner.  She was developed by a Level 4 Parelli graduate.  This included lots of trails, play with cattle, and playing in 4 savvies.  The result has been a mare that, even at a young age, is already partnered up and ready to continue in a lifetime relationship.   You might want to come meet her during one of our Principles to Purpose Camp,  we think you’ll be glad you did.
$8,500 CND ($500 clinic credit)